Shaanxi Coal Huanling Mining Industry: From "smart" to "smart", the coal processing plant is transformed into a "black light factory"

The "black light factory" is the current image metaphor for digital and intelligent factories, which do not use many people and leave all the work to intelligent equipment to minimize the number of workers and improve production efficiency.

Nowadays, there is such a "black light factory" in No.2 coal mine of Shaanxi Coal Huangling Mining Company, which is the intelligent coal processing plant newly upgraded and built by the mine.

As the UWB high-precision positioning system service provider of this project, Woxu Wireless has always been committed to the digital upgrade of the intelligent coal processing plant construction.

When you walk into the intelligent dispatching center of the mine's coal processing plant, the huge screen shows the spatial model of the whole plant area, and all the personnel and equipment in the plant area can be seen without missing a beat. The dispatcher only needs a click of the mouse to switch images at will and view the production status of each post.

"It is our AI super brain with full domain perception, global cooperation and full-line intelligence." In the dispatching command center of the coal processing plant, Zhang Fengqing, the plant manager, introduced the intelligent control platform built by using advanced sensor monitoring, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies can realize a number of functions such as intelligent sorting, intelligent safety supervision, intelligent inspection and intelligent decision-making.

"It's simply too advanced, a click of the mouse can be a one-click three-dimensional roaming inspection of the plant environment, personnel, risks and hazards, and equipment operation in accordance with the planned inspection route." Experiencing the efficiency and convenience brought by the intelligence, equipment inspector Liu Zuoquan is full of praise for the new technology, recalling that before each trip to inspect the equipment took nearly 3 hours, time-consuming and labor-intensive, not to mention that there are certain safety hazards for personnel to stay at the production site for a long time.

Nowadays, the number of workers in the upgraded coal processing plant has been greatly reduced, and the production shift is now reduced to 5 people from the previous 13 people per shift, which really makes the data "walk more" and the workers "run less".

Among them, the personnel positioning and 3D visualization system is one of the highlights of the intelligent coal processing plant construction. Based on the UWB high-precision positioning system provided by Woxu Wireless, the 3D visualization personnel positioning system combines dynamic real-time data interaction with 3D modeling and perspective technology. In the plant area, only a special bracelet identification card needs to be worn, and the system automatically carries out identification and positioning with a positioning accuracy of less than 30 cm.

"In addition to personnel identification positioning, the customized electronic fence practical effect is also very good." In the dispatching command center, dispatcher Yuan Lifeng manipulates the computer interface and randomly divides an area. He introduced that if there is a safety hazard in the area, whenever the personnel wearing the bracelet identification card approaches the area, the site automatically issues an acoustic and optical alarm to remind the personnel to stay away from the area, and at the same time the system also gives the corresponding measures according to the actual situation, which greatly protects the personal safety of the operating personnel.

In addition, in the upgrading of the coal processing plant, the key equipment and key areas of the whole production process are equipped with sensor monitoring equipment and deeply integrated with big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to realize the intelligent diagnosis of equipment operation status and production status.

Digital empowerment, intelligent leadership of the future. Next, No.2 coal mine of Huangling Mining Industry will continue to promote the construction of intelligent coal processing plant, comprehensively improve the level of intelligent mine construction, realize unattended and remote centralized monitoring of the whole production process, build the industry's first-class intelligent coal sorting production system, and help the mine's high-quality development.