Face Recognition + Precise Positioning, Wisdom Helps Tender Evaluation Throughout Digital Monitoring

With the continuous development of technology, bid evaluation center has become an important tool for auditing and supervising important bidding projects. However, the traditional bid evaluation has some defects, such as high labor cost, impersonation of bid evaluators, complicated process, lack of accuracy, and insufficient security. These problems not only affect the operational efficiency of the bid evaluation center, but also make the bid evaluation process lose its fair and impartial characteristics.

In order to solve these problems, UWB positioning technology provides a solution that can intelligently monitor various information in the bid evaluation process through face recognition technology and accurate personnel positioning technology to achieve real-time monitoring of personnel, items and equipment involved in bid evaluation, thus realizing more efficient and accurate bid evaluation center management. It also helps to improve the efficiency and quality of bidding and make the bidding evaluation process more standardized.

The activation of the face recognition system realizes the effective docking of the platform business management system and the comprehensive expert database information system, strengthens the accuracy of the identity of bidders and bid evaluation experts, improves the confidentiality of bid evaluation experts' identity, avoids artificial access to bid evaluation experts' information, and provides a strong guarantee for the standardization of transaction services and the intelligence of transaction supervision.

"Intelligent bid evaluation + intelligent witness" two-pronged, the evaluation of the whole process of digital supervision. From "man to man" into a new era of intelligent witnessing. In the evaluation of the whole digital supervision, the wisdom of the witness played the following role.

01 Real-time positioning ➨ transaction "witness"

Before the start of the evaluation of the transaction project, bid evaluation experts and staff each wear positioning tags, personnel positioning system can be real-time positioning of bid evaluation experts, positioning accuracy in the 30cm range, real-time display of the field personnel behavior trajectory. The evaluation is completed according to the project witnessing situation issued witnessing report, for the competent departments and discipline inspection and supervision departments to provide the basis for judgment and accountability punishment.

02 Electronic fence ➨ risk "early warning"

The system has a custom fence area setting function, set up a good electronic fence, once you receive a regional abnormal warning and other reminders, managers can manually judge through the video, and cooperate with on-site supervision personnel to deal with the scene.

03 Track playback ➨ personnel "reduce the burden"

Digital witnessing can show all the evaluation area wearing accurate positioning terminal device behavior track, the traditional "dedicated a project" on-site witness into "a multi-project" simultaneous witness, the "staff run errands " into "information running".

04 Vital signs monitoring ➨ safety "plus"

Tender evaluation experts wear smart bracelets to detect the workers' heart rate, blood pressure and pedometer data, providing health information basis for tender evaluation experts. Whether in the evaluation location, or in the traditional monitoring can not cover the toilet, corners, location blind spots and other evaluation areas, can be real-time tracking and early warning, to enhance the level of risk prevention and control.

05 Coordinated processing mechanism ➨ supervision and control

Through the coordination and processing mechanism of early warning events, the competent departments at all levels are linked to instantly inspect and analyze, and promptly deal with all kinds of irregularities and disciplinary problems, which comprehensively enhances the bidding governance synergy.

The application of UWB positioning technology can not only improve the efficiency of the bid evaluation center, effectively reduce labor costs, simplify the bid evaluation process, and enhance the security and accuracy of bid evaluation, but also effectively prevent many fraudulent acts in the bid evaluation process and protect the interests of bidders and bidders involved in bid evaluation.

Relying on the Internet of Things, mobile Internet technology and media integration technology, a new mode of modernized, intelligent and humanized bid evaluation site management is created. Initially, it forms a new bid evaluation form with independent bid evaluation stations, intelligent bid evaluation experts assigned to seats and intelligent bid evaluation supervision.