How is the conduct of tender evaluation experts in the field regulated? This bid evaluation base does so

The evaluation of bids for public resources trading projects is the core service of the Public Resources Trading Centre, and its trading links are of great concern to all parties involved in the transaction. As the "referee" of the evaluation of bids, the professionalism and fairness of the evaluation of bids play a crucial role in the whole evaluation process.

The base is mainly responsible for the construction of the electronic bid evaluation system, remote monitoring system, bid evaluation expert extraction system, data statistical analysis, and the informationization of public resources trading violations and bad reputation records, and for assisting relevant departments in the supervision and inspection of the whole process of trading activities in public resources trading centres. etc. In order to further strengthen the entry management of bid evaluation experts and promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of bid evaluation work, the base especially introduced Woxu Wireless's UWB high-precision personnel positioning system to intelligently upgrade the base. The system can record the trajectory and abnormal behavior of bid evaluation experts after arriving at the site throughout the whole process, so as to reduce the interference of external factors in the bid evaluation process and maintain a healthy transaction order.

Pain points, management problems before the upgrade
1. Tender evaluation experts cannot enter and exit automatically and require manual assistance.

The original access control system for fixed staff could not automatically identify the experts, resulting in the need for on-site staff to assist in opening doors and accessing the building, and the lack of automated and intelligent access control management.

2. Inability to record experts' trajectories.

Tender evaluation experts can move around the building at will, which is not conducive to the standard management of the tender evaluation site. Video surveillance has blind angles and cannot monitor the trajectory of the experts in real time, which is not conducive to later verification and tracing.

3. Experts entering the evaluation room by mistake.

Since the Public Resources Exchange has multiple evaluation rooms, there is a risk of experts entering the wrong evaluation room at the same time on the same day, which is not in line with the requirements of bid evaluation confidentiality measures.

4. Control areas not in place.

There are control areas with high confidentiality level requirements on site, but at present, only personnel can be arranged to be on site, and it is impossible to remind and alert in real time for illegal intrusion.

Solution: Woxu's intelligent management solution for bid evaluation experts

Woxu's intelligent management solution for bid evaluation experts is based on the UWB high-precision personnel positioning system, deploying UWB positioning anchors in each evaluation room, corridor and other areas of the evaluation building. Combined with the access control system and cameras, the UWB positioning anchor solves the management problem after the experts enter the site and provides technological assistance for the visualization and intelligent management of the bidding evaluation base.
Scene diagram (marked with watermark + product)

Application, technology means to help promote the sunshine trading of public resources

● Self-service card access
Through the integration and docking with the label cabinet and Hikang system, the intelligent cabinet can obtain the information of the experts who come to evaluate bids on that day in advance. After the experts arrive at the site, they can directly collect the tag card by swiping their ID cards, complete the binding of their identity information and the tag card, and issue the tag card access rights through the access control system to enhance the efficiency of the process.

● expert personnel trajectory throughout the record
After the bid evaluation expert has finished collecting the card and binding it with his identity information, he enters the UWB signal coverage area and the tag card starts to report the location information. The platform can record all the trajectories of the expert after entering the site and keep the records until the expert returns the tag card, which is convenient for later verification and tracing.

● Wrong entry to the evaluation room reminder
To avoid bid evaluation experts entering the wrong evaluation room, the system matches different evaluation room entry rights according to the identity of the evaluation experts. Once the experts enter the mismatched evaluation room, the tag card will remind them in time by vibrating and beeping.

● Special area control
Through the key area control function of Woxu's real-time positioning system, electronic fences are set up for the confidential points of the transaction centre. Except for the special management personnel who are allowed to enter, other people will be alerted through the form of vibrating and beeping of the tag, in addition, the alert information will be notified to the administrator through the platform in real time.

Final Summary

According to the feedback from the Ningxia tender evaluation base, the tender evaluation experts have personally experienced the convenience brought by the self-service card access control, and they have witnessed the effectiveness brought by the intelligent upgrade. The introduction of Woxu's intelligent management solution for bid evaluation experts in the intelligent transformation, the archiving and storage of experts' trajectories also provides the most direct and effective way to check the conformity of bid evaluation work; at the same time, it reduces the behavior of bid evaluation experts going to the wrong evaluation room, reduces human intervention, significantly improves the operational efficiency of the bid evaluation process, and also makes the evaluation process more fair and just.