Smart Prison | UWB Location Technology Changes Traditional Supervision Mode

Prisons, as the state's penal enforcement organs, bear the important functions of maintaining social stability, preventing crime and reforming criminals. Therefore, safety is its primary safeguard factor.

In the traditional prison management, the supervisors can not accurately grasp the location of the prisoners in real time, and there is the possibility of supervisory blind zones, accompanied by illegal gatherings, fights, escapes and other major security risks. With the national judicial organs of the prison information construction investment increased, the local prison management departments of the "wisdom of justice", "wisdom of prison" information construction project, through scientific and technological means to achieve three-dimensional, all-round supervision of prisoners, has become an important part of the current police work, and the prison management departments of the "wisdom of justice", "wisdom of prison" information construction project, has become an important part of the police work. become an important part of the current police work.

Through in-depth study of intelligent prison construction standards, combined with the local justice department, prison bureau and other practical needs, Woxu Wireless to the international advanced UWB positioning technology as the core, into the Internet of things, big data, AI intelligent analysis and other high-tech to form a set of practical "intelligent prison" construction of the overall solution. "Intelligent prison" adopts advanced IOT technology to achieve high-precision personnel positioning, track query and real-time warning, regulate the behaviour of prisoners, real-time tracking and alarm.

System Design and Composition

Woxu high-precision personnel positioning system adopts independent research and development, with high-precision positioning array antenna, the positioning anchor can accurately collect the real-time position of the positioning terminal, and improve the positioning accuracy to centimetre level. Intelligent prison high-precision personnel positioning management system consists of positioning anchor, bracelet/positioning tag, engine server, business platform, and the positioning accuracy is up to 30cm. through the deployment of UWB positioning anchor in the supervision area, activity places and other areas, and equipped with UWB personnel positioning tags for the personnel who need to be positioned, positioning tags transmit real-time data to the positioning engine server through the positioning anchor, and analyse the real-time position of the personnel through algorithms. The real-time location of the personnel is resolved. The inmates, police officers and visitors are managed accordingly, and the police force is strengthened with technology to achieve the real sense of prison management information, intelligence and standardisation.

Application Functions

1.Real-time location visualization

Real-time location of personnel, management can quickly glance at the activities of prisoners. At the same time, it can automatically report statistics on the time when the police officers are out of the prison area, and it can also carry out real-time statistics on the distribution of the police force on any floor/prison area/sub-prison at any time.

2. Personnel history track analysis

You can retrieve the name of the designated personnel, view their current or historical location and activity trajectory, and link the location with video surveillance, once there is a different situation can be traced back to the event process.

3.Electronic roll call

Real-time roll call of personnel in charge, police officers, etc., can also generate attendance reports for the corresponding time period, etc., so that the situation of absentees is clear at a glance.

4. Intelligent inspection, so that the supervision is more secure

Inspection tasks can be set in advance, including inspector, inspection time, inspection route, etc. Once the inspector fails to inspect according to the regulations, the system immediately alarms and automatically counts the inspection results. The whole process can be traced back to prevent falsification of inspection records.

5.Electronic fence

Customise the virtual electronic fence and set the activity range and out time of the personnel. Once there is a non-authority personnel to break in, it will generate an alarm message on the supervision platform.

6.Intelligent warning & SOS triggered alarms

For violations, the platform will send an alarm message, so that the label worn by the personnel continues to vibrate. At the same time, on-site personnel in need of emergency assistance in the event of an accident, you can also trigger the SOS button on the label to the platform to initiate a distress message.

7.Video linkage

In real-time tracking and historical tracking at the same time, can be linked to the area of the camera, access to video footage, quickly view the scene.

8.Online monitoring of physical signs to prevent suicide and self-injury

Real-time monitoring of detainees' heart rate, blood oxygen and other basic vital signs data, abnormalities can be alarmed to prevent the occurrence of suicide, self-injury and other unnatural deaths.

Final Summary

Deepening the construction of smart prison is a complex systematic project, Woxu Wireless perfectly integrates the modern information technology and prison management, insists on the goal of smart application and intelligent application, and provides strong support for the prison to promote the modernisation of the governance system and governance capacity. As a comprehensive service provider of IoT solutions and location data with global vision, Woxu provides professional services for customers in various industries, including industry, mining, power energy and warehousing logistics. With its strategy of technology leadership, Woxu always maintains the industry's leading technological advantage, ensuring efficient, forward-looking and personalised solutions for each project.