Wearables For Social Distancing Monitoring And Contact Tracing

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Why choose WOXU Wearable UT-206?

Wearable UT-206 is a wrist-worn bracelet that will vibrate to notify wears that another people wearing this bracelet is within 2meters(6 feet), to remind people to maintain social distance. All employees in the workplace need to wear it to ensure keeping a safe physical distance.

The device functions in two different scenarios as follows:

Safe Mode

Safe distance> 2 metres
No vibrating alert nor data capturing

Breacher Mode

Safe distance < 2 metres
Vibrarion alarm & Data capture


Accurate Distance Detecting

Precision is within 5-10 cm and real-time positions and distances of work are available.

Low Power Consumption

Rechargeable battery supporting continuous usage for 30+ hours.

Safety Distance Alarm

Alarm users if they cross the safe social distance threshold 2 meters with vibration/buzzing.

Efficient Contact Tracing

Record and strorage the interaction data between bracelets,enabling to trace easily.

Privacy Protection

All data is confidential. No data will be captured or stored.

Easy To Use

Convenient to wear or the wrist or pocket without affecting the work.

Product Standard

Product specification

High precision UWB

>10 days



Wipe with medical alcohol


WOXU Proposed A Solution For Safety Distance  

WOXU Wearable UT-206 for working under COVID-19 situation is successfully applied in typical working sites including warehouses, construction sites, manufaturing  factories, etc., which have helped company reduce contact among workers in workplace and recovered rapidly from the epidemics. For social distancing control, we provide two modes : Basic function version and Advanced version.

Basic Version

social distancing monitoring

The bracelets worn by employees can detect real-time ranging, monitoring their physical distance. Once the distance between bracelets is less than 2 meters(6 feet) , they will alert with vibration to remind users to keep safe distance.

Advanced Version

social distancing monitoring and contact tracing

In the advanced version, the devices are equipped with the gateway and software. Data from devices is collected by a gateway(UWB anchor) in real-time. The data of wearables are synchronized to the cloud platform, which helps to mitigate risk by quickly identifying who may have been exposed to a worker with COVID-19.


If you want track contacts of infected personnel ,you need to install our UWB gateway in the workplace and employees should wear bracelets UT-206. 

These data can be sent to the your server and cloud platform, you can develop software to realize contact tracing .


DC power interface (Ø 2.0 mm) RJ45 10/100Mbps.

DC or PoE .

DC 12-57V.



location map management, geo-fence management, real-time location display, upload/issue alarm management,etc.

historical track query, automatic attendance management, intelligent inspection management, etc.

: visual recognition service, mining analysis service.


Bracelets To Keep Your Distance

The news mentioned that in the context of the epidemic, wearing device to maintain a safe distance is now being implemented in some companies, who advocate the necessity of implementing the famous 1.5-meter social distance in the workplace. A difficult task, to say the least.

Follow-up Application For Social Distance

You may guess that the coronavirus will pass anyway. By then, what can we do with those devices? Will they be useless? Don't worry! It exists more possibilities!

When the UT-206 device (free of charge) is upgraded to an RTLS application, it is no longer just a ranging device, but a real-time positioning technology application. We have envisaged two scenes for you. One is to monitor the number of pallets through zero-dimensional perception in the factory; or when the pallet leaves area A, we can also monitor when and where it left, as shown in the figure:

In Factory

The other is in the office scenario, it can monitor when and which thing left the office once pass the Gateway, as shown in the figure:

In office

Platform Presents Intuitive Data Display And Information Query

Quantity Management

For administrator, it’s easy to check how many objects are in specific area.

In/out Management

When the target is left the specific area, it will be reported to the administrator.

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